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Anyone on here tried LE shampoo and conditioner?
I know they have now reformulated the conditioner, but is the range good? it gets mixed reviews, I would rather have honest opinions from forum members.

Thanks :mysmilie_504: in advance.


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I`ve used the shampoo and it made my scalp itch but I know some people love it. The bodywash made me itch too but I think its probably because of the essential oils in them both.


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Itch itch itch!!

Don't even know why I tried it really, essential oils aggravate my skin no end.


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I haves not tried the reformulated conditioner but love the original one and also the shampoo. Makes my hair nice and shiny and does make my scalp itch at all and I suffer from eczema, but perhaps that just me. Also seems to protect the colour


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Well, I used the shampoo as well as the conditioners, and whereas in the beginning (first tube of shampoo and of the conditioner for normal hair) everything was o.k. and I thought that both products simply made great hair, everything changed in the course of the second tubes: My scalp began to itch very much and as I know now, the reason were the two Liz Earle products, mainly the shampoo, I think. I still have a tube of shampoo and one conditioner left and am afraid to use them because the itching might return...

But the conditioners are reformulated and I would love to try the new versions. The hair oil is a also a new one, there is a nice set on QVC of the shampoo, conditioner and hair oil, by the way.:)


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Apart from the itching, my hair got too used to it very quickly and I needed a clarifier. My DD future MIL loves it, with no adverse reactions. Didn't know it had been reformulated but I am not tempted to try again. I like Organix Brazilian Keratin and I have fine but coarse prone to frizz hair.


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I love the shampoo but I don't do conditioner so I gave it away to my friend who really liked it. Had no problems with itchy scalp.



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Apart from the itching, my hair got too used to it very quickly and I needed a clarifier. My DD future MIL loves it, with no adverse reactions. Didn't know it had been reformulated but I am not tempted to try again. I like Organix Brazilian Keratin and I have fine but coarse prone to frizz hair.
Only the conditioners and the oil had been reformulated as far as I know.

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I used the first products but the conditioner made my hair too limp. Not used the new. Didn't like the pong either. I stick to head and shoulders. Can't be assed using 2 products I like an all in one.


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I loved the smell of the products! I used the conditioner for oily hair but didn' t get on with it. It made my scalp extremely greasy yet the ends felt dry and undernourished! I wouldn't buy again.


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I have tried can't have been that special as I did not repurchase!


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Without being too graphic, I have a flaky scalp.
Used Head & Shoulders for years until I got a bottle of LE Shampoo in a TSV about 4 or 5 years ago.

After trying it once, I realised my hair hadn't been really 'clean' in God knows how long. It is really the best thing I've ever used. I'm dreading the day they reformulate it cos I couldn't go back to anything else now.


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I no longer use shampoo/conditioner containing fragrance but I used to use and like the Liz products. They left my hair detangled-not an easy job on my very thick, very wavy, very tangly hair- and incredibly shiny. I have a pretty itchy scalp whatever I do or don't use but the shampoo didn't make me itch any more than usual. I also enjoyed the smell, which lingered but gently, not in a horrible heavy cloying way.


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With my first round of Liz Earle Haircare, shampoo and conditioner for normal hair (also tried the one for fine hair), I had really great hair. But after starting a new shampoo and conditioner, my scalp started itching very badly. I am wondering whether there was a change of ingredients in the products because at first, I had not had a single problem with them.


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It started of well on my hair and I loved it, but after a while my scalp and roots felt greasy, and no amount of rinsing stopped it happening...shame because it was really nice to begin with. Trouble is they are always tinkering with formulas, which doesn't always make things better.


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i like sls they wash my hair properly. liz earle leaves my hair limp and dull. love pk remoisturising used it for many yaers. bought some elvive l'oreal for dry hair love that to
I tried them only because they were included in a TSV.
I loved the smell and had no issues with itching but I hated the shampoo. It made my hair simultaneously like straw and greasier at scalp. The conditioner was ok quite rich but nothing special especially at the prices.

I love Body shop ginger shampoo - it's meant to be for dandruff but I don't have that and find it very cleansing.


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Oh!!!! I remember the Ginger Shampoo from the 80s, loved the smell.

I am still using Wen and getting on great with it.


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I went in to Liz Earle yesterday and got my free gifts on the loyalty scheme. You don't get a choice but I got a full size shampoo, neroli Superskin and a shampoo. I think you now get each one for a certain amount of pound spent as the scheme has changed and I was still on the old scheme so qualified for all three in the one hit.

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