Most liked and disliked presenters on QVC?

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I can't watch many of them these days. Twilight hits the nail on the head about Julia - what the hell happened to her? Simpering, giggly and sometimes downright unpleasant these days. I can't stand watching her.

AK constantly talking about her grandchild and showing photos. I find myself thinking aloud WHO GIVES A FLYING FART?! CE absolutely full of herself and acting like the (unliked by most) popular mean girl at school, always checking herself out in the monitors.

I caught a bit of Chuntley telling us once again to check out our baskets to avoid disappointment as one presenter had come onto the show and decided after seeing an item on air. that she would buy it but it had sold out by the time she got back to the dressing room. So, that presenter hadn't even bothered to have a look at what they were presenting before the show? That tells me they're too lazy to do any prep - very unprofessional. Or simply yet another presenter lie. Or both!

Worst of all is Flinty. Hard by name, hard by nature. From her fake gasps at the astonishing value to her loud 'whispers' letting the viewer in on a fabulous secret. The way she tries to come across as the viewer's 'friend' (which apparently works on more vulnerable viewers), but in the end comes across as a hard-faced market-trader.

It really is the lunatics running the asylum at QVC.


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When Craig became Craigie he rapidly joined the ever growing unwatchable list. Properly and professionally managed there is no way Craigie would have emerged. They are now a self congratulating bunch of amateurs.
Well, Andi Peters does a bit ....
I don’t consider him a presenter just a freeloader who is far too much full of his own importance. Sanctimonious prat with that curl of his lip as if he had a bad smell under this nose. The only bad smell is the aroma of stab in the back desperation coming off him.

Dale deserves a bliddy medal as I would have throttled him after the first 10 seconds of the first show.

Still arsebook seem to love him (‘nuff said).


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When I'm back off furlough I think I might try pretending I'm a QVCrap presenter, I will carry my Ipad, and show the customers pictures of my dog, garden and holiday snaps where I'm posed holding a paperback explaining that I was given it as a sample to read so I can advise you, take the last book off the shelf for myself just as a customer is reaching for it, order off our website while scanning their items, and tell them all about my brilliant nieces and nephews when they ask my advice on which book would be suitable for their grand child who has severe learning difficulties.

Don't think I'd last very long before I was sacked.


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No SS you would be promoted to head honcho immediately for having slotted in so effortlessly.
I would love to do it just to see the look on my managers face :D

I remember some months ago a woman was asking about a variety of the Monopoly board game we stocked which was exclusive to The Works, the manager started telling her how he has a collection of over 1000 board games, she gave him a withering look and said 'I'm really not interested'
I would love to do it just to see the look on my managers face :D

I remember some months ago a woman was asking about a variety of the Monopoly board game we stocked which was exclusive to The Works, the manager started telling her how he has a collection of over 1000 board games, she gave him a withering look and said 'I'm really not interested'
But at least it was semi product related if perhaps a wee bit nerdy. Not grandkids, wedding years ago, wedding sold to the magazines, side work of B&Bs etc etc.


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No, you are right! They still stick to what they are paid to do, mercifully. Except for Simon B.
He was presenting a diamonique show the other day. I wanted to watch, as there seemed to be good reductions. He was draping chains and bracelets over his hands, and showing rings over his fingers, I never noticed before , but he’s got HORRIBLE HAIRY FINGERS! Now I know he can’t help being hairy, but close up shots whilst showing jewellery is an off putting no no!

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I just flip in and out usually very quickly.If I think QVC might have something I want, look at the price inc. P&P compare elsewhere and if they are best then will order.I found it has become so repetitive I am just not interested in the presenters, their blogs, the comments from the iPads.I have been on my own through lockdown but do not see them as my friends or keeping me company!


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I agree with so much you've all said.

I like the 9pm TSV launch. But I use it to time my evening/going to bed routine. I'm in/out of the room but know I need to have done certain thing by the time it's finished. Things like cleanse, fold laundry and put away, check if enough dirty laundry about, a but of physio, really exciting stuff so the 15-20 minutes launch keeps me to my chores. Does this count as "watching"?

SBC are they leaving or just Adele? That is a bit of a shock. I liked SBC a long while ago but sadly that love affair is long over. Sad to see Adele leave I like her. Surprised and shocked.


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I've taken this from Adeles' FB page.

As you may know, after 10 years of presenting SBC Skincare at QVC, I am leaving for new challenges.

It has been without doubt, the highlight of my career, creating happy memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. It was beyond all expectation that I would have had such a wonderful opportunity and it is of course incredibly hard to say goodbye.

I would like to thank all the wonderful team at SBC for trusting me, it has been my privilege entirely to play a part in your wonderful story. I am so proud to see the business go from strength to strength, I can’t wait to see you continue to flourish.

To the QVC and TVSN team, the presenters and to my fellow guest presenters, I will miss you more than you will ever know. I have made friends for life with you, I will never forget your kindness, the fun and the giggles. I think I have laughed more with you than I probably should have, I don’t regret a moment of it!

Finally, I’d like to thank you, the customers, from the bottom of my heart for welcoming me into your homes. To share the joy of the products and for all your stories, inspiration and above all the chats. I will miss you all very much.

I know you will join me in welcoming our Brand Manager, Nancy Mason to QVC. The daughter of our founder Paul Mason & with many years presenting experience in France, Germany, Russia & Italy, I know you are in the very best hands.

With all my love and thanks,

Adele xxx


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What about the irritating Simon Biagi? But i do tend to find the men a little less annoying but most of them get on my nerves after a while!

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Will be sorry to see SBC Adele leave always liked her presentations and she always appeared professional knowing the products.
Its good she is announcing that it’s the daughter of the founder that is replacing her with experience in presenting the brand rather than a one for all Q sales representative


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What a lovely goodbye Adele wrote, so generous to everyone in leaving, just like the presenter we've seen for years on our screens. What a shame. QVC's loss - but it didn't say why she was leaving exactly except "new challenges".

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