The Don and Jerrilee Show......


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Don seems to be 'doing his nut' his experience!!

He's almost weeping at his precious (and irreplaceable) Opals going in clearance and Jerrilee's shrieking at each piece which are selling like hotcakes.

Earlier they were selling, from his private and rare rare collection, very large Boulder Opals within Welo Opals. All set in 18k gold with VS diamonds from The One Collection.

He's getting a bit cross with the producer, and keeps stressing that none can be replaced his experience. i think if he had any hair, he would be tearing it out. Very entertaining! But they have set these gemstones in some lovely designs.


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Sacha, I watched the coloured diamonds hour on my pooter when Don seemed quite calm but, oh my goodness, he said the same things over and over and over again .... so tedious!

There were some pretty little rings that would've suited my diddy digit but I stayed strong and kept to my resolution not to buy any more that will need resizing .... :thinking: I've still got 3 from Gems I need to send off.


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:happy:Hi Fluff, I saw some of that first hour but got tired of him being repetitive. He kept complaining that although these coloured diamonds had been bought by him in 2005 and 2006, the producer should not be basing her prices on that! Some canary stones were very yellow and not once did I hear the fact that they would have been treated. Hmmm!

I returned to watch later on to see these immense opals within opals being sold for thousands.....from his small private collection. He did keep asking for some to be pulled from the auctions when he considered the price had dropped to a silly low price! I bet the producer, Rachel, got some stick after unless it was all a bit of an act.....hmmm!

But well done you for not being tempted......:clapping:


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I find his act hard to watch these days. I was taken in by him in the past - luckily with no lasting damage to my credit card.
As you say, he is so repetitive that he isn't convincing...... some nice things but I'm not tempted!


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He's getting a bit cross with the producer, and keeps stressing that none can be replaced his experience. i think if he had any hair, he would be tearing it out. Very entertaining! But they have set these gemstones in some lovely designs.
I don't like it when Don is like that as i remember him on the days of Gems Tv when he was so relaxed and chilled out, and i can't get used to him being all hard sell. I wish he would just chill out and relax lol

I really like the colour they are using in the studio today, grey orange and blue lighting, very nice.


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I remember Don from gemstv with all the same lines about how rare everything is and you wont see it again and all the rest of the bulls**t its all an act to make us part with our cash and everything is so called being sold for such low prices so why not take these rare and wonderful gems and sell them to the people with the sort of money that can afford them at what he tells us they are worth and not do a cut price to us ordinary folks I dont get taken in anymore by all the frantic tactics and arm waving the stuff they sell is worth what it is and what they can get for it .Steve Bennett went to the same school of acting in fact he probably learnt it from Don back in the days of Gems when they were all great mates. I do have some lovely pieces that I have bought from both channels but I know what I paid is the true worth of the pieces and I'm happy with it otherwise I would'nt of purchased it but to try and make us think its worth loads more than we have paid is nonscense ,


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OF COURSE it is all an act! I absolutely love Rocks & Co's designs - NOBODY does rainbow sapphires like them, not even the high-end jewellerys - and I buy from them quite a bit, but one thing they DON'T have is 'low prices'! (Even the silver clearance items weren't cheap when compared with equivalent silver pieces on other channels - even if I did buy quite a few of them...)


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I can't stand him. He likes the sound of his own voice too much and doesn't let the presenter get a word in edgeways.


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I have to say that it does make me very suspicious when I am constantly told that something is very rare and I will never see it again. It feels very much like the hard sell. The jewellery does seem expensive but I could not resist the Australian black opal that they sold before Christmas. I have always wanted one and you rarely see them for sale. I had a look in Australia last year and they are very expensive there and also at antique fairs where they are also expensive. I do love my black opal ring , it was expensive but I feel that I can trust that it is a solid black opal from Lightening Ridge which is what I wanted.Although it does make me nervous when they start overacting during their hard sell.

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