Why have QVC Evri parcels been delivered by my postman?


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I had a small parcel delivered by Evri recently ( not QVC) & for days it showed in the same place on tracking.I sent messages to them & they responded & it moved & delivered.
Yes, I was waiting on a small parcel and tracking show it was due for delivery that day. Did not come, and tracking still show it should have been delivered that day. Waited another day, still no movement, just due to be delivered the day it should have been. I emailed Evri and got the reply how sorry they were my parcel had missed its delivery spot, and they would get it out to me that day. Yes, it arrived that day. Scott my Evri man is really lovely friendly treats my parcels with care.
The only time when an Evri parcel that I’ve been expecting has been delayed the status “delayed” was shown on their website. It also said it would be delivered the following day which it was. I asked my courier if she knew why it had been delayed and she said that none of the local team were available that day (days off or illness.)
As in the title really, twice now I've followed the tracking on the Evri website, seen my order's out for delivery and been surprised when the postman turns up with it! Has anyone else had this and do you know why? :unsure:
Well I’m waiting for two parcels today from HP.

Told on Friday coming via Parcel Force…

Even tracked on their website.

Then got two texts from PF this am to give me time they’re due and it says they’ll be delivered by Ali (who is our lovely Evri driver?!)

So it’s like the reverse of yours!
V confusing!!

[Also there’s Amazon shipping now whereby any company can choose to use amazon as its courier..!)
It's possible that QVC Evri parcels are being delivered by your postman due to a partnership or delivery arrangement between QVC Evri and your local postal service. Sometimes, companies like QVC Evri collaborate with postal services to handle last-mile deliveries efficiently, especially in certain areas or during busy periods. As for InstaDispatch, they may also facilitate such partnerships to ensure smooth and timely delivery of packages.
I have noticed when buying on eBay, more and more sellers are using EVRI and not Royal Mail. I just used to assume items I bought not large will come by Royal Mail but no EVRI. Currently waiting for a bottle of parfum it is like the last bottle I bought coming via EVRI. Now the postage price is cheaper than Royal Mail.

It seems the Saturday deliveries by Royal Mail will be stopping. Read in the paper at the weekend a deal had been struck with the posties.
It`s like pick n mix these days. I`ve ordered things off Amazon which have been delivered by Evri and other websites which have used Royal Mail or Yodel when they usually deliver by Evri. To be honest I`m just thankful when parcels actually arrive no matter who delivers them. So many people have stuff go missing or badly damaged and I once had a large Matalan order go missing ( it was bedding and towels ) and I had a terrible time getting Matalan to refund me.
I always had a nightmare with Yodal! My front door faces away from the street, you go up my path a few steps and there is my front door. For some reason, Yodal always put my parcels in next door's recycling bin, the kept their bins in the front garden across a wall. The Polish family got used to me rummaging in their bin, looked out the living room window and nod as I mouthed parcel.

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