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Jun 24, 2008
Hearing Alison Moyet's "Invisible" on the radio this morning swept me right back to a pretty bad romance I had back in the mid 80's. I got chatting with this chap in a local pub when I was out with a friend, I was currently "off" with my on/off relationship with my boyfriend of a couple of years. For some reason unknown, my friend wasn't keen on him and suggested that we drink in another pub next time we're out, but she caved and of course I saw him again. I found out he was a few years older than me, him being early 30's to my early 20's, he was recently divorced, had twin girls who were about 3 years old, and the ex wife had moved in with another fella, and he was bitter. I listened, I made sympathetic noises, he said nice things to me, bought me drinks and apologised for banging on about his ex. We saw each other a few more times when out and about, ended up snogging in the pub cark park (like you do) We exchanged numbers, and he called me and suggested that perhaps we go on a proper date, I was chuffed and accepted his offer. Date night came and he picked me up from home in his car, he suggested that we have a drink in another village, but soon after getting in the car, he apologised for being a bit grumpy as he'd had an argument on the phone with his ex. To cut a long story short we went on a tour of all of the pubs that him & his ex used to frequent when they were courting, he drove to show me the first flat that him and his ex lived in, then showed me the family home that they lived in before the breakup and having to lodge with a mate! Eventually he apologised again and said I'm not in the best of moods tonight so if you don't mind I'll drop you off home!!!!! I was pretty upset but didn't let on, and when he dropped me off and said "I'll call you" why I didn't say "don't ****** bother" is beyond me. I think it was the next day when he called me and gave me what sounded like a genuine apology and a promise to make it up to me, he said he'd take me out for a lovely meal on Friday evening. I was really looking forward to it. I started getting ready about 5pm in anticipation of being picked up at 7.30....looked the "bees knees" (even if I say so myself) then about 7pm the phone rang, and it was him asking me if I minded awfully if we took a raincheck on this evening?!!!! I had to act all casual and say no, of course that's fine...why I didn't say "Yes I f'ing do, I've been looking forward to this all week and have spend hours getting ready, again is beyond me! A couple of weeks later he called again and asked whether he could pop round, I stupidly said yes, but I had nowt better to do that night. We ended up having a drink and a game of trivial pursuit, he seemed in a better mood, my mum was away on holiday so I had the place to myself yay! I was hoping that the evening would end up "romantically" but sadly, around 10pm he had a bit of a dip in mood, literally stood up and said "Right - Time I hit the road I think"! I said it's ok, you don't have to go but he told me he was "bushed" and needed an early night, and I'll call you!!!!! Don't think he did...but that song always reminds me of him. I have some shitty dates in the past but most of them I can look back at and laugh at...this totally not. All though I never had deep feelings for him, I would still like to do him some damage!

Worst dates anyone?
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Not a bad date as such but, many, many years ago, a chap I knew and liked, suggested we go out one evening …. Met up and during the course of the evening told me he couldn’t make up his mind whether to go out with me or his ex-girlfriend!!! I made up his mind for him.
Another dodgy date, which is one I remember with laughter and affection was copping off with an absolutely "drop dead gorgeous" fella at a night club, he told me he was a helicopter pilot who owned property in London as well as Brighton (my home town where I met him). We arranged a date for the following week and he asked me what I'd like to do, so I said lets just meet in town for a drink then perhaps a club. I was planning to parade him in front of all my mates who'd be basically doing the same that night. I met him at the agreed place and I literally couldn't wait to swan into the pub arm in arm with this vision of absolute and utter gorgeousness. My heart was pounding as I saw him approach, but somehow, he looked a little different. I don't know what he was thinking, but he'd slicked his hair down into a centre parting, was wearing a shirt with really flappy collars, a hideous tie, a woollen tank top that looked it was the handiwork of his grandmother, flares and just an the most awful pair of shoes I think I've ever seen on a man! This was early 80's not 1977, so this fashion faux pas was unforgiveable as far as I was concerned. There was NO WAY I was gonna let my friends see this. He keenly said right what pub?, I said do you fancy going out of town? I fancy something a bit quieter tonight for some reason. He said ok - suggestions? I've got the car..so I suggested a country pub, we duly drove to a country pub, had a couple of drinks obvs he was driving so took it very easy, we chatted and I found him to be very self obsessed and actually wasn't really enjoying his company very much. He said hey lets drive back, ditch the car and go for a drink and do a club - Again I insisted that I'd like a quieter evening, so he said, well hey, lets get in the car and see where we end up...I said yeah ok. To cut a long story short, he read the signals wrong and no sooner had we got into the car he started getting a bit amorous with me, I said sorry very heavy period, not feeling so great. He said where do you wanna go then, I said perhaps you'd better drop me off at the bus stop in town and I'll go home...He drove me right home to my doorstep...obvs a very decent guy. We never contacted each other again...I was shallow, he was vain and self obsessed (despite the outfit) no harm done..but totally a memory that makes me smile!
Mine was a broken date (perhaps I'll tell you later) but this song sums it up.

Has anyone heard it before or knows who sang it?

One lonely night - at this drive-in
And now I know - what a fool I've been

She was to meet me (an empty cup, a broken date)[Backing vocals]
We had a date (a broken date, an empty cup)

A date at seven - I dreamed of heaven
Now it's way past eight

She just drove by - with another guy
No wonder I can't help but cry

To think she never cared - just tears me up
Now all I have to show for love - is this empty cup

Just like this Coke - my love is gone
I've hit the bottom - now I'm all alone
I'd been out a few times with a girl I'd met, then we arranged to see a new James Bond film that had just been released.

So we agreed to meet at a certain time, and as I was there early, I joined the queue (yes they queued in those days for popular films). We would have been able to get a very good seat.

She hadn't turned up by the agreed time, and I had to keep letting others go past me in the queue. Eventually I realised she wasn't coming, so I went in on my own, but by then I could only get a very poor seat.

I don't think we had any further contact, even though we had been going out for a couple of months.

I think I was more upset at getting a poor seat than breaking up :( ;)
Other memorable dates include one in which a fella asked me out, he had recently split up from another girl who I knew vaguely but wasn't in my circle of friends. We went to a pub, got served despite both being under 18 (It was easy it those days) Once the weather was talked about, we had nothing and it felt so awkward. I started talking about his ex only because it was actually a topic of conversation, he said that she didn't like the same kind of music as him..hey, I thought lets talk about music...so what do you like? Heavy metal he said...D'oh I was into my bubblegum pop and chart music...end of conversation. We sat in silence for what seemed like hours, walked in silence to the bus stop, kissed because it was something to do to break the boredom...Got bus and never felt so relieved it was over. First and last date with him.

Was asked out by a fella in a pub when I was dragged along to a folk music sing a long every week by my parents. I was underaged so was strictly on the coca cola. Guy was 18, turned out he was a bit ocd, but very polite...just too polite really - I could just about cope with "I'm going to kiss you now if that's ok" but a few meetings down the line he said "Is it ok if I fondle your breasts"...we had gone for a walk at the time and was not in a public place, but I said.....Fgs, purleeease don't use those expressions, I didn't let him btw, but it opened a conversation about politeness...we went back to the pub but I subsequently decided to stay home when the parents went there in future . A few years down the line, and I mean a good few years about 24 yrs, I was having a drink with a friend in a pub out of town and saw a empty crisp packed tied in a knot and neatly placed in the empty ashtray - He used to do that and I told my friend about him, I looked up and he was sitting at the bar...He didn't see me, we drunk up quick and left, but we were in fits of laughter!
I sound awful had so many dodgy dates...surely I'm not on my own here..but maybe a dodgy date is something we don't like to talk about...or have I just been unlucky? One of my more serious relationships was with a guy who I met through a friend, he'd recently moved down from the midlands with his mum following his parents divorce. Basically his mother took an instant dislike to me...I dunno why, too much make up..but she just did, I got bad vibes immediately. She was highly religious and one of the first things she asked me was do I go to church...the answer "No" was probably not what she wanted to hear. I remember one day I'd stayed over at his ..in the spare room of course. He was to walk me to the bus stop and he was gonna go to church. I talked him out of going to church and we went for a walk on the beach instead. Cut a long story short, later in the day his mother quizzed him on the service after she'd gone to the later service...and of course he couldn't give her the right answers...She blamed me and banned me from the house! We stayed together despite this and when it was my 18th birthday he told me that his mum had forgiven me and I was allowed back inside...cheers! He said she's gonna treat us to a chinese meal. Cut a long story short, she bought us a meal for one, and insisted that she'd stay in and help us eat it. I suggested that we went clubbing after (without his mum of course) and he called me ungrateful. He pushed my present at me and said if you want to go clubbing go on your own. I said Ok, I will, I walked out..opened the present...a tin of talc that looked like he'd plucked it off the old dear's dressing table...I binned it and luckily managed to catch up with my friends in town. That was the end of that one and we'd been seeing each other for almost a year by then. Stupid mummy's boy....good escape I reckon!
As a young teen I used to sneak into a nightclub with my mates. We were around 15/16 but we could get away with looking older. The club we went to was pitch black inside, just very low lighting in some areas and was always packed to the rafters. You couldn`t really dance just shuffle because you were always so close to the people around you.
Anyway this Saturday night 2 lads came over to my friend and I and shuffled alongside us. As time passed and we had to leave, they asked could they walk us home. It was only when we got outside and under street lighting and with space to take stock of each other that I noticed the lad walking me home only had one arm. Suffice to say it was a bit of a shock !
I thought I'd revive this as it came up, not a bad date but a weird outcome - I hope it entertains. I was a Saturday girl at BHS when I was at school/college and they were going to upgrade the till systems, so us saturday staff were invited to training sessions during the school summer holiday for me it was my final school holiday before I started college in the September. Went to a training session on a Friday afternoon, don't remember anything about that but everything about what happened next. Lovely warm day and there was I dressed in a woollen two piece, no make up, carrier bag as a handbag, hair all over the place. After the session I sat in the precinct with a girl I worked with who was gonna wait for her mum to collect her, there was a busker singing folk music (experienced cos mum and dad into it) but what's more, sitting on the bench next to us was a rather gorgeous looking young man listening intently to the music and tapping his foot along to the rhythm. Us girls were saying "cor, he's nice", so with all the bravado of having someone with me I said "Hey, do you like folk music young man?" He replied "I love it, how about you"? I explained my "folksy background", cue work mate's mother turning up to collect her and off she went. He said "can I buy you a coffee?" I said yes, I kept apologising at the state of me, I don't usually look this bad, he said you look fine we chatted for a while and seemed to have a lot in common, he was 21 I was 16 but told him I was 17 which I suppose in the grand scheme of things is ok. He said "do you fancy going on somewhere else?" I said I'd love to but would you mind if I went home first and got changed and we'll meet up again in a few hours - He insisted I looked great (really I didn't!) but he said yes, we'll make an evening of it instead so made arrangements to meet at 8pm by the clock tower. I bused home, chugged down some food, had a bath, hairwash, put on a pile of make up, changed into a killer outfit, even borrowed a pair of shoes for a mate down the road. bused back and waited at the agreed spot. He walked straight past me, I shouted him and he said "sorry I didn't actually recognise you"! Date was good went for a few drinks and had a few sparse dates there after, he turned out to be a bit unreliable, he lived in digs and had no phone so I had to rely upon him calling me, on the occasions that he did good times were had but it just fizzled out as relationships do. Some years later I got a phone call from him completely out of the blue, asking me whether I was free to go for a drink that evening as it turned out I was as my regular boyfriend had completely let me down (he was always doing that) and I was literally all dressed up with nowhere to go. We met, had a blast, I was upfront about being in a relationship so he said, no harm in staying friends and meeting up from time to time - and yes, we became really good mates, he was a great shoulder to cry on when my fella was playing up, eventually he advised me to leave him and even suggested we could make another go of things ourselves, I was totally tempted by his offer but told him I was a bit wary of my fella and how he may react, so we had an illicit affair for a few months. I soon noticed the name Victoria kept popping up in conversation it was a woman he worked with, the more he talked about her, the more I felt I knew her, when I asked more questions ie her surname indeed it was someone I knew from school (she was a nightmare- basically a selfish prima donna) I said nothing until he told me he'd fallen in love with her - All I could say to him without sounding sour was good luck! Next time I heard from him was him telling me that she was moving in and that she wasn't happy with our friendship. He offered to take me out for a "peace meal" so I said yes and he wined and dined me and apologised profusely for falling in love with someone he could see would be a complete and utter nightmare. Boy was he correct, a couple of months later he phoned me to tell me she'd bled him dry financially, cut him off from all of his friends male and female and then buggered off and married another man. I told him I was sorry and he sent me a thank you card with 2 £50 notes inside to buy myself something nice...just weird and never found out his fate!!!!

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