Anyone else seen "Cats" the movie?...contains spoilers


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Jun 24, 2008
This has been advertised for months at our over 55's cinema club and from the first trailer I thought it looked rather disturbing and definitely not something I'd want to see..however my two cinema buddies both said in unison "wow..we must go and see this when it comes". One of them couldn't wait and went to see it at xmas, she asked me whether I wanted to go and I said...It's had shocking reviews and if I think I'd rather wait until it comes to cinema club - She actually liked it, but I thought, well if she's seen it then perhaps she'll not want to watch it again and I'll get away with not going...Wrong..she was highly excited and said we'd need to get down there early to make sure we get a seat..we did but needn't have worried 'cause the cinema has practically empty.
If I were to describe it in one word it would be four letters long and start with the letter S. Where do I began....It was freaky with human faces on cats with breasts, twitching ears and stiff twitchy tails......ooooo err! The entire film was shot in a dank, dark depressing hue, had no plot, it was just a talent show set in someone's nightmare (mine by the end of it) I was bored and would have walked out early had I not been in company. The all star cast were wasted on this pile of dross and then Jennifer Hudson (a mighty fine singer I must add) literally BELLOWED out the beautiful song "memory" complete with snotty tram lines running down into her mouth......Unbelieveable....At the (merciful) end of the film I was ready to say to the girls..OMG did that really happen? The one who hadn't seen it said "wow...that was amazing" The other one said "yes, I told you you'd like it".....I kept very quiet. Even walking up the road they were saying omg she "smashed" memory didn't she...I said you could say that....Then she said I'm gonna download that as soon as I get indoors...How people are different eh?
Anyone else seen this? If so what did you think? Unfortunately I can't un-see the wonderful Ian McKellen standing up lapping milk out of a reminded me of the George Galloway/big brother incident - gave me the collywobbles so much that any download inspired by that film would not be going anywhere near my phone!!!
My first reaction to the trailer was cringe. The music of ALW always strikes me as "samey" and formulaic, so none of his musicals really appeal to me.

You are cursed with friends who love things which are not enjoyable to sympathies.
Thankfully it's only a handful of things we don't agree on, however when it comes to sitting in a cinema for hours it can feel like a bit of a curse lol! Before this I would've said that "Mamma Mia" was possibly the worst film I've ever seen, think Cats just edges it because of the boredom factor - Mamma Mia didn't bore me, I was irritated by people just randomly bursting into song (I love a musical as a rule).I didn't like the way that the story felt "forced" because it was blatantly cobbled together to fit the lyrics- and would've preferred Abba to sing the soundtrack as opposed to the cast murdering the songs...but hey at least it did have some kind of story, as bad as it was!
I was hoping that Cats would be one of those things that was so bad it was good....It was just plain bad unfortunately.

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