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I know some of you can't get your credit cards out quickly enough for the top-quality Chinese watches sold on shopping TV. Well, you missed out. Swan and Edgar watches were featured on the Shop on TV show earlier today. I think the so-called expert was called David Anthony.

Yeah he's an actor.

On the watches i've seen on IW/TJC/Shop on TV lately (few brands from old IW haven't appeared yet so haven't mentioned them) i would rank them from best to worst. I've not included smart watches/camera watch as they ain't watches to me. :ROFLMAO:

Vostok Europe, they get top place as they're an actual watchmaking brand, although designs & size ain't everybody's taste, they are well made and use decent Japanese movements. Kevski was one of the better guests but let himself down the last couple of years as he's drifted towards the dark side of watch guest bullshitters, VE are one of the few brands that could sell on merit without the bullshit.

Christophe Duchamp, actually decent enough quality, most of their watches are just other brands designs with their name on the dial. Although detest the brands faux Swiss heritage garbage & ridiculous RRPs. Why buy these when you can get the originals from an actual Swiss brand (Roamer) for similar price.

Nautis, decent enough Chinese watches, on a par with many Chinese brands on Ali. Again detest brand mainly due to Miss Precision, Emma's over the top nonsense about quality etc, as she does with all of the resultco stable, & ridiculous RRPs)

Henry London / Accurist, decent cheap affordable watches, fine for folks who want an everyday classic looking watch but have to watch their pennies.

William Hunt / Versus Versace, cheap affordable Chinese made fashion watches, nothing special more about the name rather than the watch, suit someone that just wants an everyday watch with a designers name on the dial to make it look more special than it actually is.

Swan & Edgar / Gamages, cheap and nasty brand & watches, vastly overpriced Chinese watches & ridiculous RRPs, although listening to the nonsense from 'Baby' and 'Papa' fields is a hoot, David anthony on the other hand is an absolute bore.

Majestic, god knows where they got this crap from, utter junk, suit those folk that have NO pennies to watch. ;)

Nubeo (or any Solar Time brand, ie Earnshaw, Duxot, Mainspring etc) take bottom spot, watches are not the worst, some are actually decent quality, but they have the biggest shyster as a guest expert and the brand itself does everything it can with resurected defunct brand names, with irrelevnt faux brand stories to hide the true owner and origins of the watches. My first ASA complaint was against CCCP watches, Bordell and IW claimed the 'Gorky' watch was a great Russian watch, from a Russian brand, with fantastic Russian engineering and a 100% original Russian Slava movement Etc, the watch in question the 'Gorky' of course was a Chinese made watch, from a Chinese brand with a Japanese NH35 movement, sod all Russian about it apart from the name. Unfortunately, IW only got a slap on the wrist for their lies.
Herself says she prefers the stainless ‘steal’ hose, as with the previous non-metal version, the dog used to put his teeth through it. Presumably now he’ll just break them on it.. Cheap looking nozzle…
We've had a few of the Flexi hose type hoses, and they always end up bursting. Might be worth trying the metal version.
That guy is a joke, I remember when he first launched flower power ooh it’s a limited edition product stuff, years later he’s still flogging it
I bought some of his lawn magic feed. It hasn't made any difference to my lawn. The whole lot needs removing and starting again.
I think there's something creepy about him. He puts his name to products and seems to think that makes them more desirable to buyers.
Like a distant uncle coming for a yearly visit and making sure you’re out when he does. Always beware of people who talk about themselves in the third person. The Duke of Cheese is very wary of them.

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