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Ok, so why is it on the female fashions shows the models are look just like average females, like there is no young supper fit models, yet the male model is like a young supper fit gym type? Is there no average looking older model guys with a bit of a beer gut, receding hairline, etc?:ROFLMAO:
Why do the keep fit models not do the women's fashion shows? ;):D

I actually tried to have a serious conversation about this on Twitter a while back, with someone defending some female celebrity or other who was clearly overweight, but people were body shaming.

I asked why it's deemed body shaming if we say a woman is over weight (when she clearly is) and that we should celebrate plus sized models as being "brave", yet we will never...ever....see an overweight guy with a beer belly being a model. We certainly wouldn't call him brave, and we certainly wouldn't applaud him for it. Yet its ok for women? It didn't get any further than a few women saying "oh yeah, you are right"
Simon Peter selling Calvin Klein’s underpants - hopefully, with his permission. A sea of ’Having a Balls’ 1960s’ treble entendres awaits. I usually stay tuned in to avoid the face masks jamboree on mainstream TV news at this time, but even I have my limits.


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If ps had exposed himself like that in the street he would have been arrested what a fecking clown he is he is

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If ps had exposed himself like that in the street he would have been arrested what a fecking clown he is he is
I didn't see that bit so not completely sure what he did, however being Peter S I can imagine. I saw him last night and he looked as though he was needing a good wash and a shave! He obviously thinks the way he mucked about on the telly decades ago is still amusing and funny ... it is ... but not in the way he wants it to be.


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I thought he looked scruffy too. He needs a makeover and some new clothes. Whatever he's trying to do with what hair he's got left doesn't help.

I saw him grasp the top of his pants to show he was wearing Calvin Klein's. I don't know what that was trying to prove. He could have been given them to wear beforehand, doesn't mean to prove he wears them like he says he does and if he does, so what? Hardly a style icon.

The multi coloured socks want dumping too.


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Peter Simon - "as a young man brought up in Hull, in the early parts of the 1950s i was on my own for considerables hours and days, but one xmas, from the land of green ginger and king billy, i was given a magic set, a magic set that was to change my life really." & "a sponge ball and cup when i was 5 at the start of the 50s"

Well if he was 5 in the early 1950s or start of the 50s, then that story is either fabricated nonsense, which i firmly believe, or our Peter is over 70, which i don't believe for one second.


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Oh here's Emma with the Shield watches and the ISO 6425 garbage again.


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Emma - "they've all gone through the rigorous criteria" :ROFLMAO:

Sorry Emma but everyone of them fail ISO 6425, if they were actually sent for certification. They might be 200 mtr water resistant and tested for that, but that is NOT the same as passing ISO 6425 standards.

Well, she's going on about them being practical for diving, ie so you know how long you have left in your oxygen tank and not being able to knock the crown so it alters that feature. Well that sounds great Emma, only one problem the bloody watch, like most of the Shield watches, DOESN'T have that feature on it, that's why, if resultco had the balls to send them, they would all fail official certification.


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She should be nominated for an Oscar for her acting.

I think watch shows involving her (and a few others), just proves beyond all doubt, that IW believe their viewers are brainless idiots.

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