Ruth's lack of humour


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Maybe because her school marmish tsv top was not going down as well as she had hoped, she threw cold water on Jackie's attempt at humour. Ruth's sour expression and nasty comeback showed that she was struggling to keep smiling. It must be tough for her to always be so "nice"!


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Maybe that's her normal demeanour ! and being 'nice' is purely for the cameras. I never watch Good Morning - not a fan of those smiley folksy magazine programmes - so have seen very little of her except on QVC. I do know in mag articles she never stops pontificating about "my/our son Jack" - well, I'm sure Eamonn's other kids (albeit grown up now) must think 'here she goes again'. Perhaps its me, but when slebs bang on about how their (current) partner is "their rock" - yes you Ant McPartlin, or refer to them in glowing terms as though they've been 'saved', I do wonder what the previous (1st) partner must think. I would say keep your own council, there are 2 sides to every story !

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