The Freeview Changelog


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LCN17 Really takes over vacated LCN25 Dave ja vu hours (2am-4am) on Arq A. New hours for Really now 8am-4am


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Only just seen this thread.

My Sagem freeview PVR tells me EVERY DAY that it has found new channels.

I rescan, but still get the same message the next day.

Do they really change every day?

I am getting fed up with all these messages.


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LCN180 xxXpanded TV is now broadcasting on freeview midnight-6am.

it got the hours from The Jewellery Channel which has new freeview hours of 6am-midnight on LCN49


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Argos TV has now shut its channel down on all TV platforms.


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freeview channel 17 Really TV has had a rebrand today much better


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My freeview box tells me it has found new channels almost every day and to retune.

Are there really new channels that often, or is my box playing up?


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Sky sports 1 & 2 have stop broadcasting on TopupTv.

LCN 41 & 42 both have on screen text saying.

This service is no longer available via a TV aerial

and the EPG says cease broadcasting

BT Sport, BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 - new LCNs 57,58,59
Three new LCNs have appeared on ARQ B this morning:

57: BT Sport - showing promo video
58: BT Sport 1 - no audio, video or MHEG stream yet
59: BT Sport 2 - no audio, video or MHEG stream yet

rescan now


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freeview EPG changes

Film4+1 has appeared LCN 45 starts broadcasting on 27/8/13
Travel Channel LCN 42 hours 18:00-22:00
Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 removed from LCN 41 and LCN 42
BT Sport channels moved from ARQ B to SDN
ESPN LCN 34 has stop broadcasting on TopupTv

Rescan now


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LCN 712 Smash Hits! removed
LCN 712 Kiss Fresh added today
LCN 34 ESPN has been removed
LCN 61 True Entertainment added today

rescan now


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LCN 45 is now broadcasting on freeview

Food Network has move LCN from 48 to 41

LCN 48 is now vacant

LCN 237 Peace TV has been added to the freeview EPG
LCN 238 VuTV has been added to the freeview EPG


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New channel added to the freeview EPG

LCN 207 Kiss Me TV
LCN 208 Proud Dating
RT Doc (RTД) launched via Red Button on RT (Ch85) (IPTV only)
LCN 62 Heart TV

You might need to rescan to get theses new channels

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