delivery-opinions please


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I got 3 items today

1. TP pendant; very nice pearl, the colour is exactly what I was after. 2 weeks ago, I got a TP ring, which is more bronze, this one is more green. So it is not a perfect match, sadly. But still lovely, and got it at £64.

2. Diamond ring. I got this ring few times in my basket, but never bought it. I saw it in the meltdown for £99, and thought it was a bargain, as there is fair an amount of round cut+brilliant cut diamonds and a good gold weight. GTV diamonds can be a let down, but the are quite sparkly, especially the middle ones and sit nice on my middle finger.

3. Kunzite. I never saw kunzite before, so was eagerly awaiting this ring. The colour is soft lilac-pink, a bit like wisteria. The diamonds are good sz and very sparkly too. Opinions on the kunzite please? Got it for £140



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I think all of them are gorgeous Tia, the TP sounds like a great price :clapping:

I'm afraid I don't know very much about Kunzite so not a lot of use to you, but I've seen much paler ones elsewhere at a much higher cost and in my opinion yours is much nicer. I do like that setting, with the diamonds sort of swirling round the gem, giving it a hug (sorry gone all flights of fancy there :giggle:)


milk in our tea
the colour of th kunzite is better IRL than on the picture, it looks quite pale and colourless but it is not. It is not bright pink either, but a lovely pink-lilac colour. I tried to capture it in daylight and in the evening, but it just wouldn't work. The setting is indeed lovely.


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I think there all terrific Tia. I don't know about Kunzite either, but that's an extremely pretty ring and the colour looks good. I've seen some really wishy-washy ones lately. xxx


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I'm a big fan of TP (having only recently bought my first) and i love your pendant, the diamond ring is very pretty and a great price as well.
As for the kunzite i'm no expert either but the colours range from a pale washed out colour all the way to deep pinks (like Patroke) but the deeper the colour the higher the price, my opinion is your Kunzite is a lovely colour and size for the price you paid and if your happy with it then thats all that matters, 3 keepers i think lol


milk in our tea
Thanks all, this is a piccie of the kunzite in daylight, still doesn't do it any justice


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Love your purchases Tia, what a good price you have got yourself there on the tp pendant, kunzite ring looks really pretty also, enjoy wearing your new gems


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Gorgeous pieces there hun and loving the diamond ring, enjoy wearing them xx

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