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Jan 3, 2016
I've got two bottles of the very expensive decleor facial oil, but it's a lot of money for 15ml of product!

The 3 fingers, a dab on each does not work for me, doesn't feel like it's touching the sides!!!!

So I add one drop to the decleor facial water stuff (the new stuff) & use that to spread it.

I tried the Liz Earle years ago, I think the smell is similar if I remember rightly, that very heady herbal smell - I like that.

Does anyone use the Liz Earle, how do you think it compares? The 50ml is only a small bit more than the 15ml decleor.
Can't use oil but can you add it to your moisturiser as a carrier, will that work to be frugal but still get the benefit?
Welcome MrsE. I have them both and love them both. They are luxurious and fragrant and quite similar I think, so go with the best value. Like you, I often apply to a damp face. You get a nice massage and it sinks in well.
I have used them both and much prefer the Liz Earle one. I find the consistency thicker and spreads more easier. I use one pump and that does face and neck. I too don't like the decleor bottles you definitely have to use more than 3 drops. I think it would be better if they changed it to a pump or dropper bottle. Also for 15ml of oil it's definitely on the pricier side.
I prefer the facial oils which come with a dropper style, easier to get how much you need to use. At the moment I am using NUDE facial oil at night, but also have used Algenist.

I would mixed two or three drops of the Decleor into your night facial cream before applying each night.
I don't use LE but I do use the Decleor Aromessence (when in a TSV, not full price). Three drops isn't enough for me either. I use four generous drops and find that applying it like Fiona shows (dabbing it across before smoothing) actually works.
I use Decelor. I have Neroli & Iris. Never pay full price as always buy in a TSV & although small they last me ages. Don't like Liz Earle, brings me out in spots & really don't like the smell. I find the 3 drops are more than enough (although I have oily/combination skin), I dab it all over like Mazza then smooth it in. I have recently purchased the Tarte Maracuja oil as really wanted to try it. I actually quite like it. It doesn't really have any fragrance as such but sinks in really well & comes with a dropper bottle. Only been using it a couple of weeks. I have broken out with 1 or 2 spots so hoping its just through the initial use. I also bought the Maracuja neck cream which I must say is amazzzzing!!
Clarins do some superb facial oils, that are targeted for various needs. You can often find them online with 30ml costing considerably less than a 15ml Decleor equivalent.
I have and love Liz Earle. I use two pumps on its own and that's plenty or one if I'm putting PCMC on top but I prefer just using the oil.
I feel that Decleor aromessences are not meant for massaging (unless you are following one of Ali Young's tips)... I find that I can use just the 3 drops but on my palms not fingertips and then press it into the skin, taking my hands off my face then moving to a different area and press in again. That seems to work well for me.
I do find that the Decleor oils are thinner and finer than the Liz Earle's, or the Clarins for that matter (use the Blue Orchid oil which smells a bit like chocolate).

As others have said, you can make it go further by adding the three drops into your moisturizer, rather than applying it beforehand. Also, with any of the oils, they do appear to spread better on a slightly moist skin.

If you want a facial oil that is very good value - try the AD Skin Synergy. I really like this a lot... and I think it has fans on here.
The AD Synergy oil is lovely but I prefer to use it at nightime. I also love Angela Langford Bloom and Glow oil but I usually buy it from Love Lula when they have their discount days. If you visit Angela Langford website she will send you a set of 4 samples for your specific skin type and concerns. It costs around £4.95 incl delivery for the samples but there`s enough in each sample bottle for a week`s usage. It`s a good way to try her products and then to either wait for her to email you a discount code ( usually 15% ) or buy from Love Lula when they have a discount day.
Here`s the link to her sample packs if anybody is interested.
i don't consider the Liz Earle and Decleor as like for like
Liz Earle is mainly plant oils (Avocado, Hazelnut, Argan,Rosehip, Vit E) with a bit of essential oil in
Decleor is mainly essential oils with a bit of Hazelnut oil as a carrier oil
the essential oils are more 'active' ingredients (unless you are allergic) than the plant oils

also, the Decleor is a morning under mosturiser aromessance serum (as they call it)
and the Liz Earle is a bit oilier, for most not good for morning all over face

to me they are a bit different in that way
I have used Decleor iris and also neroli in the past.
Liz Earle one is too much for my skin, and don't like the smell.
When I used the Decleor ones, 3 drops were okay in the morning under cream, but used a couple more at night
I gave up on Decleor ages ago though, as my skin became too sensitive to use it, not caused by their products, but my skin could no longer tolerate them.
I love Decleor and I pour those oils onto my skin. It's the only thing that really re-hydrates skin that feels horribly dry and tight. I like the multi-use oil in the big bottle and I love the balms to use at night. I must confess, however, that the Judith Williams rose oil is nearly as good as the Decleor Iris or Neroli and is half the price. I never pay full prices, always get them in a TSV.

I got the last Decleor TSV and honestly not that impressed with the neroli oil (think it's that one )
I love Nuxe oil, fantastic smell and hydration.
I love facial oils from years ago when I used the Clarins ones.At present I too am using the Decleor Neroli (from the TSV) & love it, it really hydrates my skin ( am nearly 69), have also bought the night balm.I have used the Liz Earle one but I think my skin absorbs the Decleor one better.I have tried Judith William's Rose Oil but didn't like it & didn't seem to smell much of Roses to me.I would say (IMO!) Decleor is the leader and worth the money.
I can't work out how to do the quote thing (I'm new here!).

Candycane - is that the 100ml decleor face, body & hair one you are talking about?

Has anyone else tried this?

I guess it's nothing like the 15ml decleor one?
I am not mega fussy about oils as long as thier oily thats fine by me. M&S had thier Pure Super Hydrating Overnight Face Oil 30ml for £6.50. I picked up the last two

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