Frank Usher Accessories TSV 11/08/20

Well I don’t know what it will be but let’s hope it’s June presenting as the stand in on tonight’s show (Miranda) is a total cringe fest with a voice which would cut cold steel, just awful
I’m afraid we will have to agree to disagree on this one Ian.

For me she truly awful and with all the other terrible BA’s to top that list takes some doing but my god she manages it .

She reminds me of a character in a TV show (but can’t bring it to mind)


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Well I don’t know what it will be but let’s hope it’s June presenting as the stand in on tonight’s show (Miranda) is a total cringe fest with a voice which would cut cold steel, just awful
I hadn't seen her but was intrigued by your comment, good grief what a walking affectation! I know what you mean about a tv character, all plummy voice & colour supplement aspirations. Miaow 🐯


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I can’t take to Miranda. I know she probably can’t help it but her voice seems really nasally and when she talks her mouth seems to go downwards as though she’s gurning. The first time I saw her I was totally distracted by it and so changed channels. Mind you, I’m doing that a lot with QVC recently. I used to have it on in the background but don’t even bother to do that nowadays because it’s become repetitive and the majority of the presenters have become more irritating since lockdown.


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Clearly there is a huge lack of 'vendors' at the moment, with programmes finishing early, and so many 'recorded earlier' shows, interspersed between Ultrasun/Skinsense and Marla Wynne in all its forms !


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Back in the 80's the name Frank Usher had some clout - It was boutique fashion. Is this still the case or has it been downgraded over the the name being bought to use for inferior clothes? I've had a quick shufti and to me the stuff doesn't look very high end- but the prices aren't absolutely stupid like they are for Ruth Langsford's , Marla Wynne's etc. Yep, some of the things are still a bit pricey for what they are, but at least it isn't a name you'd feel a bit of a idiot saying.....Eg "Ruth Langsford dahling" or would get a reaction like "Marla who?"...though I very much doubt if anyone would ask you where you got one of her "creations"! Least Frank Usher's a name people have heard of - and actually associated with fashion.
Agree Merryone, back in the day FU was red carpet stuff, very few working girls could afford it and TBH probably wouldn’t go to the sort of places you would wear them as any I came across were very Joan Collins and loads of sequins.

When they first came to Q it was only costume jewellery cheap as chips and about 50/50 chance of falling apart in the box. Over the years the price has gone up and the quality down even more and then the sequinned poncho, the furry balls poncho, the tassel poncho started and progressed to sequinned T shirts, sequinned bags, sequinned jumpers. Anyone see a theme here?.?

I haven’t watched a show in yonks but still have a few bits of the jewellery. Certainly would never watch that Miranda again, June is living in another age but is a lady and very pleasant to listen to AND she was with the original brand back decades ago not some a Johnny come lately who talks the biggest load of twaddle.


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Yes, all the accessories can be found on another website (name escapes me) - in a similar way that the 'Made in Italy' brand can be found on market stalls and in garden centre fashion concessionaries. The name FU (looks rude) used to be in the same category of high end as Joseph Rikblat, who's clothes can be found in boutiques on cruise liners (I know about these things ;) ), but I think its trying to keep afloat and not go the way of the old Windsmoor and Eastex brands.
I dont think this FU has any connection to the original FU except from the name.

is it Lagan Look you are thinking of? Again this is used by many companies none of which are Lagan Look.


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No, I've often bought 'bits' from Lagenlook, but its not them. Some time ago someone on here published a website that showed exactly the same 'stuff' that we see on FU, like the chiffon wraps, the sparkly jumpers, the bags - everything in fact.

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