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Whilst i never used to watch his shows my opinion of him has really changed

His shows are so amusing, it reminds me of the old days of shopping telly, him sitting there txting and on twitter on his phone. It's so hilarious when he says the new item codes and turns the last two letter into words, such as item code 2646 Hairy Tummy, 7948 JF Kennedy, 8683 Ideal World, and my favourite 8678WC = 8678 TOILET

His shows are so good, they have got a really nice bunch of presenters working for R&C

Keep up the good work team!

Dairylee and John Scott are my favourite at this time, and the new girl Beccy Blease is quite amusing too.

And one last thing, really like the colour of the studio today, blue orange and grey lighting very nice!


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Oh, John Scott is DEFINITELY the best presenter on any shopping telly channel! He comes over as a really lovely person, too. He ought to be cloned!


John is a wonderful presenter imho and although I'm sure his career doesn't really need Rocks & Co I'm bloody glad he's stuck around. I often watch when he's on and just for the giggle factor and he always cheers me up if I'm having a crap day. Overall though I'm not a big fan of Rocks jewellery designs because although they feature some impressive gems they tend to be in fussy settings and nearly always have teeny tiny knats gonads diamond accents which puts me right off. I did dip me toe in the water recently and ordered a pretty pair of 18K sapphire and diamond earrings but the sodding plastic bag they came in was so thick I couldn't judge the quality of the stones so sent them straight back. There's a girl on most days with long gingery (?) colour hair, sorry I don't know her name but she makes me smile too cos she seems to have adopted John's style of shouty presenting and it sounds so funny coming from a girl. :grin:


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I've started watching rocks and co again lately (when my little man lets me lol) and I agree how much fun John is to watch.
I do like the look of some of there designs but every time I fancy a gem it always set in yellow gold and not white!


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I would agree, John is their most watchable presenter by a country mile....whatever that is.

His patter and chatter are very entertaining and though I'm not a customer, I do like to watch when he's on. I saw him one weekend afternoon, sometime before Xmas, when Debbie Cavill was guesting. He was on top form with his humour and tongue-in-cheek comments that day! :nod:


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I happened to flick on last night to see the lovely Alan C Miller presenting - Gems' loss, R & C's gain!

Ooops, just realised someone had already posted about him being on R & C :blush:

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