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I was hoping for the new superskin items to be launched on QVC but doesn’t sound like them…
Caroline was talking about one of the earliest TSVS land a bag it came in…. I wonder if it’s something like that? And with big sizes? I would love half litres of the body wash… but don’t think there’s the slightest chance of that!
Liz Earle 4 Piece Collection TSV 24/03/24 (Pre Sale from 21/03/24)

250ml Cleanse & Polish RRP £35 + post
200ml Instant Boost Skin Tonic RRP £18 + post
100ml Skin Repair Cream RRP £56 + post (based on RRP of 50ml at £28)
50ml Skin Repair Night Cream RRP £26 + post

Total RRP £135 + post


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The way Caroline was hyping up the words 'Go Large' I was expecting all four items to be supersize but it turns out it's only two of them.
I do quite like Skin Repair as a moisturiser but I just can't stand the smell of it so to be fair it would have had to have been a great offer for me to be tempted anyway.
LE website has 25% off Superskin…. Just got an email.,
And if you have their rewards club you get 20% off when you reach the second tier….
I don't use C&P and I've tons of tonic so a no from me. I'll go and look at the superskin on the LE site. I've also got an AD of Elemis Marine cream coming soon so I definitely don't need this.


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