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Feb 21, 2011
Plymouth, Devon
Just been listening to the vastly talented Sarah Lee who does a 2 hour live show on Facebook every Sunday. She is a professional entertainer, with lots of interesting and amusing banter between songs.

She just mentioned that many years ago she was a presenter on QVC, and still has loads of the stuff that she was given. She said she enjoyed shows with Butler and Wilson, and also, when they were selling kareoke equipment (yes, I bought some :) ) she was always asked to do these shows so she could demo it by singing. She has a fantastic voice in every style.

When the live show has finished and it is on-demand, I'll try and find that part towmorrow and put up a link.

Does anyone remember her, from many years ago?
This is the Sarah Lee, Strato is referring to ( I think) so we can all relax, the appallingly annoying Sara Griffiths won’t be appearing any time soon…I do hope.


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I asked her, she has not changed her name, she was sarah Lee on QVC.

She was heavier at some time, in the recent pic below she had lost 5 stone!

Sarah Lee 273896370_61642479302.jpg
She said there's a clip of her online so I am looking.

But in the meantime, I found this article, which may be of interest.

From about 2010.

An extract from the article :) :) :)

QVC was started in Pennsylvania in 1986 by Joseph Segel; founder of the coin and memorabilia supplier The Franklin Mint. Having watched a videotape of the Home Shopping Network, he felt he could do better. Segel insisted his presenters sell by informing. They would have to gen up on their products beforehand, and there would be no staring down the camera, hard-selling – the high-pressure tactics of the infomercials were out. Products were never "cheap", "cheaper" or "a bargain", but "good value". The presenters should convey the idea that they're shopping with a best friend.
And now a video of QVC's first ten years (Click on "Watch on Youtube").

So many presrnters looking so young and slim, including Julian Ballentine.

It goes back to 1993.

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