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I remember Sarah Griffiths. She was very lady like and prim.
In a parallel universe! Or, on her first incarnation on QVC - I never saw her then. Her second coming was courtesy of Pipa, who took a sabbatical. A domineering, aggressive and know-it-all presentation style made her an avoid at all costs person in my house. Truly shocking at the time and, looking back on it, the harbinger of doom... numerous others became very aggressive in their tactics after that.
She came back for round three as a brand ambassador for a US beauty brand. Q stopped selling them shortly after Ms Griffiths replaced the original guests (sisters whose father was a plastic surgeon, if I recall correctly).
So to me: definitely not ladylike. But I dare say there are presenters I prefer who are detested and avoided by other forumites 😋
I disliked her first time round but she was well liked so I knew I was singing from a different hymn sheet. However she wasn’t back a week when she became one of the most disliked presenters with numerous complaints on Arsebook and here. Everyone breathed a sign of relief when she left again. Unfortunately that was the start of the really terrible presenters who are worse at each new intake.
Sarah has sent me this clip, only about 24 seconds long, and the only thing she could find.
She said she was a guest presnter, not a regular.

Does anyone recognise any of the others?

Is Sarah the one on the left?

On the right is Jilly. Hair looks the same!
Yes, in the Tartan skirt. She looks better now than then IMO.

Nobody does it like Sarah Lee!
It seems there are various people with the same name, including a "famous" photographer.

Wind forward to 1 hour and 6 minutes on this link to hear her chat about QVC. The man is her husband conrolling the lights from another room. I hope the link works.


Did anyone watch this video (from 1 hour 6 minutes) and hear the chat about QVC?
Sarah Lee has just posted a time-lapse video of how she lost 5 stone, by a combination of exercise and dieting.

But so far, I haven't found a way to post the link.
In the meantime, here is a screen shot - - - -
Screenshot (1177).png

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