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Oh dear - what an irritable fellow Dr. Edwards comes across as. When the woman from Fairport Convention asked him if he went camping, he reacted like she’d sh..on his foot, his NO was issued with such disdain…Miserable old sod. Still, I’d be pretty miserable if I ‘d gone from a part in Holby City to sitting behind a decorating table in a telephone box.
If I'm asked for my views on camping I just politely say that I'm 56 and prefer accommodation with en-suite indoor plumbing😂
I have to do it as I went 50/50 on a camper van share with my partner not long after we met. It is blo ody hard work more than anything else. And physically in particular it is draining at 61. We also took four dogs (now three) with us. The best things? Going home… Nice scenery in The Peak District in particular. Sense of achievement getting through it. Worst things? Waking up at 3 in the morning on a rainy night, needing the bog s in the worst way, and knowing you are two to three hundred yards away from the toilets..Falling out the van…Your awning blowing down. Setting up/Packing away..Being cold. Being too hot…
It looks like a Breitling, he says in his Curly Wurly voice. I am lucky enough to own a Breitling Top Time Panda Dials watch from the mid-1960s. Thankfully, I don’t own a Chinese made Aviator so called Breitling lookalike watch for £99.99 from DTTV, being sold by

He's on something tonight.
I have no words.
He’s beyond doing anything but this desperate routine. That’s why he’s on there. He can’t even be arsed to think up any new 1970s’ filth to spice it up a bit.

It looks like one of his eyes is about to fall out.

Sciatica now adds to his medical woes…

The cane coming up again at 19:30, it sounds like. No more for me this evening.
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