Ruth tonight


Westcountry wench!
I just switched over to GTV1 and see that Ruth is presenting just now.

Doesn't she look gorgeous this evening! Very glam with hair up and a lovely black top.

sorry the photo isnt so good - I caught her mid-flow so to speak lol


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:funnyfacede:lol i can hear Tommy Cooper saying "just like that" ... i like Ruth shes lovely.:D


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I like Ruth too, she doesn't go over the top, she has a really nice presenting style.


Witchy woman...
Another Ruth fan here, love her style, no shrieks, WOW's or Oh my Goshes, just professional. She's a very pretty lady and has a GSOH. Crikey, we sound like dating agency - she'll get snapped up! :D


Westcountry wench!
I believe she already has been BC.

I loved seeing her hair up like that. Mine just looks a mess lol. I also loved that top she had on last night but it wouldn't suit my great bazookas!

Julie Finch

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Hi Sammi

I agree that Ruth looked lovely. I thought Derek looked rather handsome too last night.

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