Social Media - That was an eyeopener

I remember him modelling menswear and gents watches now and again as well as the exercise stuff. Didn’t he also do one of those info commercials for a bit of equipment on late night TV.

Our Sophie has had a multitude of jobs both in and out of Q accord to Mama J who when she used to talk about clothes being suitable “for her job in the city “ I thought she had delusions of her being in Suits.

she often spoke of Sophie’s military boyfriend but now she speaks about her stepchildren but as far as I know she isn’t married and if this is the case then its a bit presumptuous.


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Pat‘s post has to be the best in 2020 so far.
She’s spot on as a lot of their products can be sourced more cheaply elsewhere, thus negating the “value” bit.

Also, if the posts about the wrong or used goods being delivered, the ‘over the top’ time it takes to get a refund, plus the ridiculous palaver of filling in and returning the “I haven’t received my goods” form are anything to go by, then the “convenience” has gone out of the window as well.


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Talking of JR she's now broken her left arm, just above the wrist, so she's got that in a support & her left foot in a boot. She won't be back for some time.
Oh dear! In view of her health history, has it made her more vulnerable to injury?

Whatever happens, and whatever shenanigans may have been going on behind the scenes... Or acts of nepotism, I truly wish her a speedy recovery.


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She was cooking & using the work surfaces for support/balance due to wearing one of those heavy support boots & seems to have over balanced. The bruising looked awful.

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