Aldi Lycura Caviar Cream


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agree on the Aldi nail stuff
the brightener, the hardener and the nail oil are all very good
and i prefer them over Leightin Denny brightener and Perfect Formula nail hardener
PF is great when super fresh but gets gloopy too quickly
Aldi's is thinner in consistency but still does the job properly

and just to report
i got myself a set if the day snd night caviar creams
and the serum set as well
it took a while as i was not willing to pay silly prices
but i got there in the end with a bit of patienceand strict bidding strategy
will start my try out today :mysmilie_14:

how have youse been getting on ..... ?


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I love it. I don't use a full thing of the serum, I just put some in the palm of my hand, maybe tap it into my hand 15 times then start out with it on the areas that need the most moisture, then use what's left in my hand. I wait a few minutes then use the day / night cream.

I had a pesky hair on my chin, I knew it was there and did something really silly...dug away at it whilst it was really too short to grab with the tweezers. I ended up with a scab on my face...that serves me right doesn't it. Anyhow, I got the rogue hair out and the scab cleared up so quickly, I was very impressed and vowed never ever to do that again if that pesky hair comes back.

Hope you like it as much


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here is my feed back after about 2 weeks and a bit of the Lacura cavair creams and serums
i found it excellent at mosturising, skin was in hydrated condition for nearly 24 hours
so that is great
and i was also really impressed with the firming action

i suspended my usual lotions and potions
and used the caviar serum and the day and night creams only
the serum also lasted me for many applications per ampulle, even though i wasn't stingy with
just like you said Sharon

i compared the ingredients with the equivalent ones at La Prarie
and apart from the caviar extract, you couldn't really say it was a 'dupe'
however, i would point out that the La Prarie night cream had more stuff in like parabens etc that i did not like
and the Aldi cream was actually better !

the Lacura day creme does have parabens and octocrylene chemical sunscreen in it
which i am not overly keen on
but the Lacura night creme i would definitely buy again
if it came back in store and preferring the Aldi version ingredients to the La Prarie version

p.s. the La Prarie website does not provide ingredients
just tasteful pics of high end packaging and ltd edition cream in crystal jars for over £1000
obviously at this price, it may seem rude to let people know what is actually in it :taphead:
it may spoil the illusion (the emperors new clothes ?)
but i found ingredients on another site, which looked well researched
and hey presto, it does indeed look like this super luxury La Prarie product has plenty of nasties in it
or as i often say, all fur coat and no knickers :mysmilie_14:

so this was the interim report from my panel of one
i will now add my Alpha H serums and lotions and potions back in
and see how the cream performs in combination
Brace yourselves Lovelies - the caviar cream is back by popular demand on Thursday 17th December according to the Aldi website.


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Do I have a chance if I go on Saturday 21st? Hopefully they will bring extra stock by popular demand.


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I'm going to get more of the serums and, oh sod it, I'm getting more of the creams too if I can


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Is it Tuesday 17th or Thursday 19th?

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