London 2012

I love all the watersports (probably goes back to some of my happiest childhood days either on the Broads or off swimming with dad). The diving fascinates me. I find myself watching the water even more than the actual dive, they way they slip into the water so neatly unlike the great tidal wave I cause. When I swim, peeps try to rescue me thinking I'm a lost or suicidal whale.

I salute all the athletes for their will power and determination (am currently watching the marathon but it seems to me that it's a foregone conclusion that it'll be a Kenyan or Ethiopian win). In fact Africa will always lead these events. xxxxxxxxx
It's been an amazing Games, the best I can remember. :clapping: Even the weather has been kind, except on the second day for the women's road cycle race, poor things. We've had so many fabulous successes but our gold in the dressage was very special for me and literally made me cry...the beauty and dancing of that magnificent horse Valegro :heart:the harmony between horse and rider was awesome and the music medley was an inspired choice. :song: Last evening was the perfect ending for me when firstly the lovely gentle Mo did the double and then Tom pulled off a bronze after such a dodgly start in the prelims :eek: but he was building in confidence all the time and I hope he felt the spirit of his Dad with him all the way. It's a beautiful day in London today and the forecast is good for this evening too so the closing ceremony wil be very special I'm sure. I can't wait to see it and I bet the fireworks will be superb.

The cynical and usually unpatriotic old me who feared these Games would be a dreadful flop is pleased to admit I was totally wrong and am thrilled that London 2012 showed the world what a great country GB still is. :mysmilie_378:
What a surprise for me, I loved it when Stephen K was aware he had it in the bag and was beginning to smile and react to the crowd. Well done to all of them for simply surviving such a gruelling and painful race. xxxxxxxxxxx
I'm far from being unpatriotric, this is the greatest country in the world IMO, but I didn't expect the games to go off as well as it has.

The success of everything has been amazing, the torch run, behind the scenes keeping everyone safe, the logistics, the volunteers, simply everyone involved from day one. Then there's Team GB!!!

London deserves a pat on the back as well, they have put up with a lot the last few years and weeks. Didn't the city look wonderful in the camera shots?

I heard the Olmpics committee has declared this the most sucessful games ever, why did we ever doubt it. I'm looking forward to tonight then bring on the Paralympics!!


So what are we going to name the Olympic stadium when this is all over?
So who just won the very last Gold medal of the Olympics? - TEAM BB!!!!!!!

:muscle:Well done Anthony Joshua!:muscle:

I don't usually bother much with sport, but have enjoyed quite a lot of the Olympics. Our paras are generally very successful, can't wait to see what they have to offer for these very special games. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a> xxxxxxxxxxxx
Last event has just taken place (Womens Pentathlon). Silver for GB Samantha Murray.

Well done Samantha.
Oh God Freddie....can still hold the crowd in the palm of his hand.

If he had still been with us he would've surely stolen the show just as he did at Live Aid all those years ago.
I missed Freddie. I have recorded it though so will catch up tomorrow. I hear there was also a Welsh male voice choir? I turned off after the Spice Girls as I only wanted to see Victoria!! Thought it was mostly awful, and who the heck were those people murdering the Bee Gees?! Well, that's the only bit of the Olympics I've seen!

From mobile, please excuse any silly errors!! :)
I don't know what I'm going to do with myself now! My Tv has been tuned into the Olympics from morning till night for the last 17 days. I've even lost track of what's happening in soapland ~ it's been Olympic city in this house! I feel quite bereft!!
I want to take the mood and atmosphere from the past fortnight and bottle it.

Then, when the UK returns to its habitual gritty misery I can open it and relive two of the happiest, most buoyant weeks the country has ever seen.
It was brilliant, even if I didn't know who anyone was apart from the Icons! Think I'm getting past my sell by date.

The only bit I hated was the cauldron going out, it was so beautiful.
Im really sad its over :(

Looking forward to the paralympics, but not the adverts that C4 will be constantly interrupting the sports with :(
Well it's finally over. The closing ceremony I found disappointing as I felt it was too frenetic and crammed full of random images and sequences that didn't make much sense to me, but maybe I was just tired and wasn't concentrating enough. Enjoyed Russell Brand and The Who most of all, I've always loved Roger Daltry and he still looks and sounds great. :heart:Hated the Spice Girls bit but then I hated them the first time round so no change there, they were miming to the best of their abilities (which wasn't much) and Mel B was hogging the limelight as usual, VB looked awkward and unsmiling as usual and certainly not enjoying teetering on top of that taxi, which at least gave me some enjoyment. :devil: Did anyone else think George Michael was miming?? :down: So glad Freddie was included even not being there he can still get the crowd going like no-one else and shocked by Brian May's totally white hair :eek: he may look ancient now but he can still perform live brilliantly. Hated the Eric Idle bit and wtf was the point of Darcey Bussell et al tagged on for at the end?? Even the fireworks weren't that spectacular imho but I was bored stiff by then (probably caused by Coe droning on earlier) and just wanted it to finish.

P.S. Jessie J was fantastic!!
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what a Fandabbydozy Fortnight it's last, summat to watch on the telly, now back to the dreary round of repeats! I didn't enjoy what I saw of the closing, which wasn't much, but then I didn't enjoy the opening either, obviously me that's out of step with everyone else, but the bit inbetween, haven't words to describe it, absolutely marvellous..we should have it more often and in the UK every time!
I loved it all but I thought the John Lennon bit was fantastic. Congratulations to all concerned this country should be extremely proud of the whole Olympic Games and all concerned with producing and taking part in it.
Best bit of the closing ceremony?

Boris Johnson dad dancing to the Spice Girls!:giggle:

I loved the opening ceremony,the closing ceremony was just ok,had it's moments,the stadium looked fantastic and the light show from those seat led thingies was great.

I have loved these Games and am dreading the hangover that will no doubt come like holiday blues,these have been the best ever Games and I thought nothing could top the feel of Sydney and the GB success of Beijing.

The Gamesmakers have been one of the most successful parts of the whole thing and if we can take something from this,apart from sporting legacy,it is to maybe be a bit more like the volunteers in our everyday lives,greet each other with a smile regardless and help each other a little bit more.:nod:
I found the closing a little flat. I too though did enjoy Boris dad dancing, Spice Girls teetering (although the very sight of Mel B makes me angry), whereas the very sight of Russell makes me smile - loved the outfit. It was all a bit been there and got the T-shirtish. I don't think we were properly shown the fireworks, but in any event don't see how anyone can expect to beat the Chinese in this respect.

With regard to the Brazilian bit I was extremely sad to see some "blacking up" amongst the pretend indigenous tribal troupes. Who's idea was that then? Please don't let us have had anything to do with that. I could've watched the whirly umbrella dress going up and down for ages though, loved that. No doubt they'll make a brilliant job of their ceremonies - this is after all what they do, and will no doubt come up with some fabulous costumes. I'm just concerned about the poverty though. All those little street dwellers and millions spent on this makes for uncomfortable enjoyment. I just hope that they're not in danger of being "tidied away" for the event. xxxxxxxxxxx