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Walking into patio door led Peter to get cosmetic surgery. :unsure:

So walk into patio door one day, and a day later cosmetic skin graft done. :ROFLMAO:

So is the patio door story an excuse to cover up cosmetic surgery all along?

Bump on forhead still doesn't explain the area round the bridge of his nose, eye, and eyebrows are all very different to before.
I cannot give them more than zero. Their price comparison strategy is something Matt Allwright wouldn’t look place storming in on. I only wish he would. That dreadful tactic alone removes any possibility of any marks whatsoever for them as a selling entity. Personally, I have yet to see a decent buy on this channel. I accept others may have done, but I have not. They could present me with the opportunity of a £200 Rolex and I would still decline it.
I believe in speaking as you find.

I am here neither to praise nor bury IW3. I abhor some of their presenting and selling tactics and have said so many times. They could do so much better.

My purchases were considered and researched and all were good deals. So I said so. What is wrong with that?

I laugh at a lot of what happens on this channel. The terrible price comparisons, the dubious claims, the poor presenting.

Yet now and again I do spot a good buy and I order. And when I get quick delivery and am pleased with the product I am prepared to admit it. Sorry if that upsets anyone.

You won't get me praising Peter S or Mike M or Sally J et al. They are slippery and uncouth and if they told me the time I'd check my watch. If they shook my hand I'd count my fingers.

They reflect badly on the channel and on shopping TV generally. I know I'm not the only contributor to this forum who occasionally buys stuff. It's a case of sorting the wheat from the chaff. No apologies for that.
All I have bought from IW3 is 1 bottle of Zhuzh tan accelerator. It was cheaper than zhuzh.com and had free postage. It was delivered within 48 hours of ordering via Royal Mail. I would have considered buying a Beewell blue/red light sonic toothbrush, if the replacement heads were not so expensive, and you didn't have to order the replacements from America.
How long has he been wittering about that Collagen? I did laugh when he asked, as a shameless sales tactic‘How much did you spend on that Firming Cream, or that Eye Cream?’ Well Pete, you should know, you were flogging them. God, it’s watches now and I have no idea what he’s actually talking about. I’m off…..,
I don't know, seemed like hours to me.
My mate is an Arsenal fan, of course being so far from London he doesn't get to see them much, he managed to get a ticket for the home game against Newcastle back at end of Feb, he was really chuffed when he got back, then he was back to reality and coming with me to watch Aberdeen in the Scottish Premiership. :ROFLMAO:
I remember in the 90s when Aberdeen bought a player from my local football team, and sometime during the season, he got sent off 3 times in the same game :ROFLMAO:

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