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I saw him on the YT feed earlier coming out with this GUFF ...

'I soooo hope they don't sell out cause if they don't sell out I'll be allowed to buy one.'

Ha Ha Haaaaaaa.

MMmmm, so even if this GUFF is true, you couldn't ask a family member or friend to phone or go on to the meltdaaaaan Internet to buy one for you?

Guff Guff Guff.

Sally doesn't seem to have any problem buying stuff during shows.
Assuming Dr. Edwards has been struck off, they only appear to have about six regular presenters now currently working…Walter…Mother Theresa, I Feel Music, Yannis Markopoulos, Firestone Upper Lips, and the Joanne Gob on a Stick Twins…
Disingenuous is still there isn't she? Not to mention the added bonus of her husband, Peter Vol-au-ventilation expert.

But yeah they do appear to be down to the bare bones presenter wise, as evidenced by Foghorn doing the 22:00 late shift recently, and from when the channel started Simona, Heather, Carys, Jessica and 'Pocket Sized' Mark Ryes have all gone, while Rob, Shona and Annie are MIA.

I think Joanne lives in Jersey, so she'll travel over, do four or five days straight, then go home we won't see her again for another month.
Sally doesn't seem to have any problem buying stuff during shows.
We've been down this road so many times on here. Sally screeching that she must have this product and demands someone from the studio order it for her, Mike of the Masons praying that the 10 millions buyers on the phone will leave just one for him otherwise he's got no chance of getting one ever and his life is ruined.

They must see the product before the show, and one quick text or phone call to a family member means they could order it. But of course this doesn't create the hype that the presenter wants.

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