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Has anybody else had a problem checking out their order online? I had a chain in my basket and added a little pendant on buy it now. I've entered my £5 Shopping TV voucher which it accepted on the 2nd attempt. It has taken all my delivery details and lets me put my credit card details in, but whenever I click on place order I get "An error has occurred and our webmaster has been notified of this via email. Please click 'Back' on your browser and repeat what you have just done. If the problem happens again, please try again in a few minutes when it may have been rectified.
Please accept our sincere apologies for this inconvenience.
If the problems persist, please contact our Customer Care Department or telephone them on 0845 6588663 and an operative will be happy to help you."

I've made numerous attempts and am about to give up. I'm tired and I can't be bothered to ring CS tonight. What's the betting I'll lose my £5 June discount once it gets to the 1st July?

Is this a common problem, am I doing something wrong or is the website suffering from a temporary blip? This is my first time with the new website and I'm tempted to dump my shopping and buy a chain in town.

Sarah Pocket

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Just working my way through the other Gems posts and see that klosblue has had the same problem and so have others. Oh dear, they are going to lose a lot of business if they don't get it fixed and fast.


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I was just about to let you know about KB's thread and her and Janey's problems. It shouldn't affect your discount though Sarah. Must be a glitch in the system.


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Hi Sarah. When Trisha phoned me to sort out my problem she said it was the voucher which was causing the problem. She had to put the order through and then manually add the voucher. It was the same message as you have so I assume it's the same problem. Drop them an email and with some luck you'll get a very quick response like I did.

Good Luck!

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