My Best (I mean Worst) Christmas Present, thank you QVC


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My best Christmas Present arrived on Christmas Eve from Senior Marketing Manager of QVCUK, I wont publish the entire email but the header will explain why it made my Christmas.


Boris Bear

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Really pleased for you, things are looking up for 2013!


Great news. And what a surprise!

I hope you'll carry on with whatever plans you were making before this arrived G, always good to have eggs in more than one basket!

Onwards and upwards in 2013

pyjama princess

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Great news Graham! At least it came in time for you to be able to enjoy Christmas.


If ...

If Graham's happy, then Snarly's happy! I spy a bright red banner. Thank you to those at QVC for resolving this situation. 'tis a TimeOfMiracles.


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Good news Graham, am pleased to hear things are looking much more promising for you now & as Burlz said, onwards & upwards in 2013! xx

Bea Frugal

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So so pleased. And Well Done QVC! Maybe they really do listen after all. Both they and Graham will reap the rewards so it's smiles all round.

Flying Pigs

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Good News! Well done to Graham and whoever has had sense to see sense at QVC.


Im so glad you finally got the recognition you deserved. This was obviously very important to you, personally and professionally, about being recognised and about being accepted, I guess. Im very happy for you. You should be relieved and move forward with confidence into 2013. I felt for you Graham through this whole unsettling period. Lee x


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I am so happy for you Graham. Maybe our posts of how it is nothing to do with you that their trade has fallen have helped after all:bear:
We are with you:happy:


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Super news Graham. Very pleased indeed. In the words of thingy from Dad's Army "they do not like it up 'em". Onward and upward for 2013 and all the very best to you.


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Fantastic news Graham! May the forum grow from strength to strength. Must be a load off your mind. Hope you were able to have a FAB Christmas!


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Great news Graham! I'd agree about not having all your eggs in one basket. Use 2013 to create your "insurance policy" so to speak.


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blimey I'm shocked - what a result. I am soooooooooooooo pleased for you Graham, a much deserved happy ending. I hope this will help you to relax a bit now and take stock of your health.

Linda xx

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