Molton Brown TSV 01/03/20


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Turned on TSV launch (unintentionally) at 9pm ish, presented by Jemma (yay!) and Jill Franks (boo!)

Anyway I must've missed it, but apparently Jemma had a “wardrobe malfunction” in which she “bust out” of her dress at the boob area! (“I haven’t put on weight“ as she laughed..!)

Jill, meanwhile, had on a yellow top and trousers - and a really bright blue/green eyeshadow?!
Not her usual understated look at all and disnt look good or well applied at all...

Anyway just put it on to have a nosey, and J has changed in to a solid fuchsia dress - quite well covered in bust are...

And Jill has on a neutral brown eyeshadow!

Not sure if they were told/asked to change or if it was pre-planned?!
The pink dress really suited her, I've passed negative comments about her choice of clothes on here before, usually because I think they're too short but this was a great length on her & the fuschia shade was perfect with her dark hair.

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