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If more than a certain percentage of items offered by QVC are customer returns, the brand will be discontinued. Either people like what they buy or don't return goods because they can't be bothered. QVC can't continue supporting poor quality, high price products. RL repeats that her prices are high due to the superior quality of the fabric she uses. Surely her clothes must be a notch above market stall fashions. Of course, this is my opinion and I'm not a RL fan. But it makes sense to me that she's lasted for many years because her clothes are acceptable to the ladies who buy them.
Hmm possibly. I think there is a customer base who watch QVC and believe that if they buy her clothes they will be wearing what she wears, so therefore if a celebrity wears it, it must be good- even though in real life she wouldn't dream of buying the stuff she makes- if she he wears it, its to promote it. As for her trying to justify her extortionate prices by droning on about "superior quality fabrics" she uses, you can't tell me that the quality of her stuff is better than the likes of M&S and Next, so that blows that argument out of the water, but as we know there will always be fools who fall for it, you only have to look at her Instagram to see the sycophants who defend everything she sells and woe betide anyone who dares to criticize
Everything is just too ordinary for me. I did actually buy one of Ruth's dresses but it was a different colour when I got it home - not sunshine yellow but a sort of dull limey yellow and the waist was in totally the wrong place for me (OK I'm short). For the £50 odd pounds it cost it wasn't that good a quality of fabric or stitching. Are these garments made in China/Bangladesh? I can't say I looked but they might be made in the UK. I could have got that kind of dress anywhere for probably a lot less than £50. Ruth isn't a designer, she has a say in what goes out but she's not JM, HB, Ben de Lisi or any other trained fashion brand. However, she makes money because people like her and buy her clothes. That's all QVC need.

Almost, but it relies on the stretch as usual. It doesn't look as though much thought or effort has been put into the range, but I get what you're saying
I very much doubt there will be a range for Alison Hammond size ladies that doesn't have elastene in the fabric make up. Garments of that size would be too expensive to make in the numbers QVC would want, so chiffon, linens, cottons are out, along with fitted zips, so it's the landfill enemy of poly elastene that's left. Brenda Edwards range is pretty dire but is made in the thousands. I imagine any range by Hammond would have the same manufacturer with just an upward size adjustment. Very uninspiring.

I pay more for fashion from Sahara but it's quality, fashionable and lasts longer.
Ruth Langsford Zip Funnel Neck Jumper
Item Number: 404334
QVC Price £57.96
Todays Special Value Price £39.96
P&P £3.95

Incorporate this versatile Ruth Langsford jumper into your collection and enjoy the endless styling possibilities it offers. A pull-over with long sleeves, a distinctive zip funnel neckline and contrasting colour edge details at the cuffs, it's a wardrobe basic but with a little extra finesse! Make sure to keep it at the top of your knitwear pile as it's one you'll be reaching for often.
*A great saving: If you were to buy this Ruth Langsford Zip Funnel Neck Jumper from after this offer ends, you'd pay £57.96 plus P&P. So, for our Today's Special Value price of just £36.96 plus P&P, you're saving £21.
Transition through the seasons - nip in the air? The funnel neckline on this jumper will help to keep away the cold, as will the soft and cosy fabric blend that includes a touch of wool. Not being too bulky, it will easily go under a coat too. Weather warming up? Wear it alone when all you need is one simple layer and pull the half zip down for added breathability.
How to style - this jumper is a true fashion chameleon, effortlessly adapting to your outfit needs. It's perfect for a casual day out paired with joggers and trainers or teamed with your favourite jeans and boots. If you're off to work or a nice lunch, it can also be smartened up with trousers and heels.
Your choice of colour - adapt this design to you and your wardrobe by choosing from the five colour options. For a hue that nods to springtime and will revitalise any look, pick Turquoise or Lilac. Or, for a neutral that will stand the test of time, go with Navy, Heather Grey or Latte.
Brand new to Ruth - a funnel neck jumper is a fresh new design style for the Ruth Langsford range and an addition that is as timeless as it is on trend.
  • Funnel neckline with zip fastening
  • Long sleeves with contrasting colour edge details at the cuffs
  • 54% polyester, 20% acrylic, 20% nylon, 6% wool
  • Machine washable at 30C
Colour options:
  • Turquoise
  • Lilac
  • Navy
  • Heather Grey
  • Latte
Garment measurements:
  • Chest: XS: 96.5cm (38"), S: 101.6cm (40"), M: 106.7cm (42"), L: 113cm (44.5"), XL: 120.7cm (47.5"), 2XL: 130.8cm (51.5"), 3XL: 141cm (55.5")
  • Length: XS: 64.8cm (25.5"), S: 65.4cm (25.8"), M: 66cm (26"), L: 67cm (26.4"), XL: 68.3cm (26.9"), 2XL: 70.2cm (27.6"), 3XL: 72.4cm (28.5")
All measurements are approximate

Looking at her modelling this on the website, it has got to be one of the worst offerings she has brought to date, and don't get me started on the price £44.00 including postage for polyester/acrylic/nylon, which looks like something you could buy in a supermarket while doing the weekly shop. The lilac and blue ones are gaudy and cheap looking and the grey makes her look enormous. Also we are nearly in spring, why would people be buying jumpers? She really is clueless!
Now I know it doesn't have a feature zip but this is only £7 and you could buy 5 of them for less than one of Ruth's. At the end of the day it's a half zip fleece that you can get anywhere and you can order 5 for one P&P, not one full P&P and 4 half price P&P.


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Now I know it doesn't have a feature zip but this is only £7 and you could buy 5 of them for less than one of Ruth's. At the end of the day it's a half zip fleece that you can get anywhere and you can order 5 for one P&P, not one full P&P and 4 half price P&P.
I prefer this one, pretty colour and a smoother fit. Which brand ?
Ruth has done well because she’s professional, and presents her range well. Also she is popular, with many fans, who obviously believe she’s their friend, and is interested in them. She gels well with Jackie.Their shows together are watchable. I do believe that she does have a lot of interest in her range, I think she is too professional to put her name to anything without having a fair amount of control over it.
Totally agree
I watched the hour and as usual the jumper didn't look anywhere near as bad as it did on the preview, the colours looked less garish, and the composition looked less shiny and acrylic. I particularly liked the lilac colour, however, no of course I wouldn't buy it 'cause it's crazily overpriced and I don't like having a cold zip next to my skin, and for care purposes I prefer not to have a fine knit that could very possibly end up looking baggy and creased after a couple of washes. Somebody commented upon the crazy price over on the "positive vibes only" QVC FB page and they were literally torn apart by the other members. It made me giggle because I'd hate to see their reaction to some of the comments made on here, some of them would have to lock themselves in a darkened room for a year to get over the shock! Anybody who remotely agreed with her, was immediately shot down in flames and accused of looking down on others if they said for example "I wouldn't pay that" FGS ladies calm down, it's only a jumper, if you like it and you think the price is reasonable buy it, even if you think it's pricey and you're still prepared to pay the money, that's your choice, nobody else's - I don't get why people waste their energy getting so aeriated about what other people (especially strangers) think!
My husband (no, not me!) commented on Jackie Kabler's hair and it also seemed as if she had put on white makeup around the mouth, with jaggedy dry-looking straw-coloured hair against a well-tanned skin and a white mouth. On my screen, anyway. At least the TSV seemed to fit her, unlike the others - who should definitely have gone up a size, no matter if you have to own up to being in an XL or whatever. Bra-lines, stretchy hips etc isn't a good look. But then it is made of very light material. But again - who decides what they look like?

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