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Jul 2, 2012
Hi all. first time posting here and found you when trying to see if other people are fed up with the problems with JM at the moment. I have been a loyal customer of Gems and JM for over 2 years now and spend about £100 to £200 per month at JM. totally fed up now with their attitude towards their customers and their excuses.

The changes to the postage is my first complaint. I don't mind paying the £2.95 for RM postage BUT I do mind JM taking 7 days just to pick and pack my stuff. Once it is dispatched the rm post arrives 2 days later which as far as I am concerned is fantastic. I sent an email to JM towers about why is it taking so long to dispatch my goods and was told DPD orders are given priority and are picked/packed/sent first. And there was me thinking I was paying for 2nd class post- not a second class service. I ordered goods last Monday 25th and they still are not dispatched. I ordered a carpet cleaner from Ideal world on tuesday 26th and received it on Friday 29th - and no extra charge to N.I

I know some people would say- why do you not use DPD- well this is my second complaint. I live in Northern Ireland and Mr Bennett has kindly increased my DPD postage to £9.95- double what it was. I find this extortionate. Northern Ireland is part of the UK and while some companies such as bid up charge extra for bulky items to N.I- they only add on another £2 not double the price. Ideal world and QVC do not charge more.

I am totally fed up with JM now- they are not listening to their customers complaints- they just do not care anymore. In my opinion they have now got too big for their own good, and their greatest fault was to start the 'late show'. It was meant to be for 'bargains'-now they are selling those strands and kits that did not sell during the day.

Sorry for the rant but just feel nobody is listening anymore :)
I think you'll find a lot of peeps have been saying the same thing for a long time now, perhapes its time to look for a company who does want your custom and appreciate you and not just your money
It is a shame Steve, Sarah or Paula don't reply to threads like this anymore. It seems like the days of Rocks.TV where customer service was king and as long as they made a bit of profit they preferred customers to be happy are long gone. Shame.


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Hi auddel and welcome to the forum, thanks for your eloquent first post. I do hope those at gems towers read and take note of these posts as relevant and important customer feedback.

Don't know if you've already seen posts 28 and 29 on the p&p thread on the Gems forum, but our two much respected FM's, Meeshoo and Argey share your disappointment and frustration at the deterioration of JM's new shambolic 'delivery service'. For myself I shall refrain from ordering until there's some improvement!
Oh fanks Sacha <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a> xxxxxxxxxxx
This morning I cancelled my last order and have managed not to watch for the whole day - how good is that. Think I might go to smokers' support for assistance. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a> xxxxxxxx
I see they have sent out an e-mail apologising etc...and I see in near future combining JM and Gems orders won't happen as JM stock is being moved to it's own warehouse! Yet another good thing being lost!
Yes indeed Sazza, and a very insincere apology it was too given that it was just another sales opportunity. Very poor show in my humble. xxxxxxxxxxx
thanks everyone for your posts. It is good to know that others feel the same way. I eventually got my order from 25th June -received it yesterday 4th July. It was picked up by RM on monday, so as I said before, I am more than happy with RM delivery time, just not picking/packaging time. I sent an email to steve and paula about my issues and have not even received and acknowledgement for them. Interestingly Paula's email came out to everyone 2 days later (not sure whether my email to her was instrumental in that lol). They need to address their customers issues sooner so that resentment and anger does not boil up. the same thing happened with 'Jadegate' when it took Steve about 3 weeks to address the situation, and like Paula's email, said alot without saying anything. I think their decision to not allow you to combine postage between JM and gems/gems extra is wrong as to me it was one of those USP's they had. Often I would be flicking through the channels and ordering from JM and gems too. Ah well, they are a business and want to make as much money as they can from their customers.
Hi Auddel, I recognise you from FB. I have started to post on FB (just can't keep the old gob shut) but use a "non de plume". So to make the situation even, you may recognise this - lol. OLDLADYSM.jpg

As I'm done with JM - now six days, I thought earlier it was only five, I've been ordering more seriously from the lovely Sunny who dispatches by return. Tuesday's order received today and by RM, and over £100 free p&p and discount. £2.99 p&p for smaller orders is no big deal in any event. As she has a catalogue you can collate your orders and get the better deal. Also, as she didn't have 8mm jumprings, she called to ask if 6mm would do. I said fine - no worries - and she sent me two packs to make up for it. She also sent me two carved flowers no charge, I know this wasn't an accident as it was marked on the invoice. Now that's what I call service, and such a sweet very gentle lady as well. If by the remotest chance (though I doubt it) anyone from JM please sees this, then please note that this is how you treat your regular customers rather than offer newbies a 10% discount when you can't even handle your current workload. xxxxxxxx
argybargey- how annoying that you know who I am and I don't know who you are lol- will have to do a bit of investigating. I have used Sunny too and think she is wonderful. She is a very generous lady. I have ordered lots of her and wanted a abalone type pendant but the one I ordered was out of stock. she sent me a similar one plus an extra strand of gemstones that I had ordered as a 'sorry'. To be honest, if she had not pointed it out to me, I would not have known it was even a different pendant. But I appreciated her honesty and generosity. She also does not charge extra for posting to NI. x
After ranting the other day, I have got to say that things appear to be coming out of the bottleneck. I've had far too many packages sitting waiting to be packed and then all of a sudden they're coming thick and fast. HOWEVER, I've had half orders sent and some strands missing. I'm guessing that they're rushing to get the backlog sorted out - it's annoying but I've spoken to CS each time and they've been great at sorting it out.

I am still NOT happy at not being able to combine at the weekend or for at least 48 hours. It's too restrictive and I'm now considering whether I should actually buy or not (whereas before it was just "ok, let's have a look at that").

Anyway, I hope that everybody's back orders are getting shipped out.
I got my latest and [B]last[/B] two orders yesterday. I've been free of any shopping telly for over a week now, I'm taking it day by day (lol) but with the arrival of the final packages I feel stress-free and couldn't give a hoot anymore. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Well my first order for a while arrived by RM within a week of ordering - all present and correct - and beautifully packaged. I must say I was pleasantly surprised after all of the comments here.

I do miss the weekend p & p though so I - like many others - now consider before starting an order. Actually, I only watch now when there is a guest or presenter that I particularly want to see...... so that is Debbie and Carol.
I had one beautifully packaged (very large) order in the early stages and all present and correct. I was so pleased with it, I sent an e-mail to CS with a copy to Steve saying along the lines that, if this was the shape of things to come, I was a happy bunny. Reply, acknowledgement - nada, nought, nuffink. I didn't expect a boot-licking but an acknowledgement (other than electronic) would have been nice. Ironically since then I received nothing but plastic sacks, a broken box, broken beads and incomplete orders. Serves me right really - always was a bit quick off the old block. By the way, the box was clearly broken before posting as it was obvious that it was where it had originally been roughly opened.

I'm getting bored now listening to my own moaning, so apologies and I'll try to stop posting on this subject. xxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi I am new to Jewellery making , can you tell me who Sunny is as I need lots of supplies

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