Ruth Langsford TSV 22/04/23


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Agree with you both. Just had a search for the bag, £68+ for a rafia shopping bag with plastic handles, wow, just wow. Wonder if it will sell out???
… and £3.95 postage! In the demo she used its packability as a selling point- “ it folds down completely flat and takes up no room in your suitcase “ so it can’t cost much to send eh Ruth?!
I liked the ‘beach bag’ but it’s too expensive to risk getting it stained with leaking sun oil or damaged by wet swimwear.

I think they’ve got the decimal point in the wrong place - needs moving to the left.
Oh but it's coated don't you know, so you can wipe it clean - Still doesn't justify the ridiculous price tag though! Whilst it's lovely to have a nice looking bag, I think there are times when it's really not that necessary. Ok, probably wouldn't throw my beach stuff into a bag for life, but I'd be happy with one of those big canvas ones with the rope handles, it may not wipe clean but it'll go in the washing machine, and yes other bags have a compartment for your valuables, it may not be a swanky looking wristlet but what's stopping you putting own one inside. I mean you'd only really need it to transport your mobile and card/cash if you're heading to the beach bar or what have you. It's a lovely idea nevertheless but as usual far too pricey!

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