Ruth Langsford TSV 10/4/21

Out of curiosity, has anyone ever seen Ruth wear her “own designs” when she presents shows outwith QVC.

I haven’t!


Ruth Langsford Ruched Detail Midi Dress

QVC Price £55.00
Todays Special Value Price £41.00
P&P £3.95




This midi dress from Ruth Langsford features short fluttery sleeves, a classic V-neckline plus a fit and flare waistline with ruched detailing at the front. Simple and feminine, this gorgeous dress is a fantastic staple you'll want to wear whatever the occasion, whether it's a meet-up with a friend, a BBQ in the garden or simply a relaxing day with a good book at home.

Sleek silhouette - crafted from a comfortable, stretchy fabric and boasting a flattering fit and flare shape that emphasises your waist while skimming over your curves, this confidence-boosting dress will make you feel fabulous from the moment you put it on.

Dress it your way - from glamming it up with some statement jewellery and heels to keeping it casual with a pair of flats, this versatile dress can be styled with just about anything. There's no need to pack it away come autumn/winter either, simply team it with boots, tights and a cosy cardigan to keep showing off your frock in any the season.

Decision-making time! Solid or patterned, neutral or bold, we have colour options to suit everyone. Choose classic Black or Navy for a staple style that can be easily accessorised, Grey Print if you want to stay neutral but with a flourish, or fresh Pink Print or Blue Print to embrace spring/summer brights. What's more, you can pick from petite, regular and tall to get the perfect dress for you.

Out again in no time - thanks to its machine washable design, your dress can be in and out of the wash quickly, so you don't have to wait long to wear it again.

  • 95% polyester, 5% elastane
  • Machine washable at 30C

Colour options:

  • Black
  • Grey Print
  • Pink Print
  • Blue Print
  • Navy


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Ruth looked a bit chunky in the TSV, maybe she should have sized up. Not being horrid, just truthful. Ruth also said there was plenty of room in the dress Natasha was wearing. There wasn't. Didn't like the dress to be honest but I did like that baby pink jacket. Lucky for me it sold out before I could decide :sneaky:



VIP Shopper
I've just looked at the Pre-Launch, this dress does nothing for any of them & pairing it with those awful metallic wedges & the obligatory white trainers makes it look worse. The Dune sandals are more flattering but as they're very close in design to some from Hermes that's hardly surprising.


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You look at the images and hear the spiel. They just don't go together.
Who on earth needs yet more polyester in their wardrobe, especially moving into the warmer months?

Silver Fox

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Just watched a clip out of curiosity and a more unremarkable garment would he hard to find.No flare in the skirt, ruching between the bust that disappears as it is so tight, not worth a look or a mention.


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Well I’m watching now and the dress really suits the larger model Natasha and looks as frumpy as hell on everybody else.. and what has Ruth done to her hair? She looks like that cat with a watermelon on its head!


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Dream Girl

VIP Shopper
Very unflattering fock think it’s one of Ruth’s worse designs.
I’m by far a slim Jim and not been critical of anyone’s size or shape.
But last night when she stood to the side and pointed out her stomach saying it was her hot cross bun tummy, it didn’t do much for the dress design.

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